Ideas for people with dementia and easy crafts?

Im an activities director for elderly people with dementia. This is my first time doing this line of work and I need some craft ideas that are easy. These people have mild to severe dementia, so these crafts have to be simple.

I am usually good with finding sites on the internet, but the sites for easy crafts usually take me to a web page with other links or sites with articles and advertisements. If anyone has a good website for easy crafts that would be great!
Any types of crafts that are easy to do and do not use small decorations (as in buttons, small beads, etc…). Projects that children would do… this does not infantile the elderly. It helps them maintain their dignity since it is based at a level where they can achieve the goals as opposed to setting expectations that are too difficult for them.

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Answer by ericabishop691
what kind of crafts? knit, crochet, felt, drawing? exactly what kind of crafts are we talking about?/ try, I am a crocheter and a knitter, so I really can’t help, but michael’scom, has a little bit of everything… good luck 2 u!

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  • Christina says:

    I love to quilt and have a group who has in the past worked with elderly with such problems. There are easy no sew quilt patterns like fusible applique. If the patients are capable of using an iron with supervision. Also elderly patients (mainly the women) love to do the quilting on a quilt. Are they aware enough to use needle and thread?

    Another idea with no potential hazards, would be to have them do flower arrangements and let them keep them in their rooms afterward.

    And of course painting, pastels, and colored pencil artwork is always a fun activity for all ages.

    Also handmade cards, painting on white ceramics, and simple scrapbook pages might be some options.

  • jidwg says:

    Paper weaving,weaving with yarn or cloth strips on cardboard looms, Paper mache “bowls” made on balloons, Wind colored cotton string in a random,open pattern on a blown up balloon and dip in sugar starch to make egg shaped decor for Easter. Glue colorful foam cutouts onto cardboard picture frames. Magazine picture collages. Apply masking tape in short strips to clean empty bottles or jars and cover completely,then rub with brown paste shoe polish for a leather look ( old scouting craft ). Glue popsicle sticks together to make picture frames or small trays. Re-pot small plants. Plant seeds in empty egg cartons. Simple greeting cards made from recycled fronts of used greeting cards. Make simple decorative pillows by wrapping fabric around a roll of quilt batting or a foam pillow form and tying the ends with pretty ribbon.

  • norag says:

    try they have easy , inexpensive crafts that r good for young minds

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